The Future: Meaning of life

The Future: Meaning of life

The Teaching of Djwhal Khul

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Author: Татьяна Данина
Length: 80 page(s)
Written: July 2015
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Category: Philosophy » Metaphysics  |  Work: Study
Keywords: god, djwhal khul, future, meaning of life. alice bailey, end of the world, blavatsky, robert monroe

This book reveals the mystery of the meaning of our life

We present to your attention our dilogy on the future of the Earth and humanity.
The first book is preceded the second, revealing the mystery of the meaning of our lives. Why do we exist on this planet Earth? What keeps us here? What common is between the scent of a flower, a radioactive atomic radiation, the glowing of stars and a person, who shows the best qualities of the soul? If you want to know it, this book is for you.
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