The Gasoline Tramp

The Gasoline Tramp

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Author: Carl Stearns Clancy
Length: 214 page(s)
Written: Apr 2014
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Category: Travel & Emigration » Travel Experiences  |  Work: Travelogue
Keywords: Motorcycle; adventure; travel; world; globe; danger; Henderson; Clancy; ride; gasoline; Africa; Ireland; Europe; Asia; America; Japan

Strap on your motorcycle helmet, slip on your leather jacket, boots and gloves.

Strap on your motorcycle helmet, slip on your leather jacket, boots and gloves. Join the Gasoline Tramp on the first and wildest motorcycle ride around the world.Described as the “longest, most difficult and most perilous motorcycle journey ever attempted,” this book recounts the 1912-1913 motorcycle ride around the world by Carl Stearns Clancy. After he completed his record setting global circumnavigation he compiled his notes and magazine articles in two long lost notebooks.100 years after Clancy’s ‘round the world motorcycle adventure his work has been published as The Gasoline Tramp. Whether the reader is a history buff or motorcycling enthusiast, Clancy’s view of the world from atop a motorcycle was never seen before, and likely will never be again. Bad roads, guns, sickness, a crashed and broken motorcycle, corrupt officials and wild animals, Clancy faced them all. He rode his 1912 Henderson motorcycle where no man had ever ridden before.Clancy left his home in America as admittedly a 21 year-old boy. 18,000 miles and 10 months later he returned as a self-described man. He crossed America, Europe, Africa and Asia on his journey. His ride around the world truly defines what motorcycle adventure means.

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Carl Stearns Clancy was a writer, film producer, director, script writer and motorcycle explorer.

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