The Goals of World State

The Goals of World State

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Author: Anton Casian
Length: 96 page(s)
Written: Dec 2015
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Category: Sciences & Research » Social Sciences  |  Work: Article
Keywords: global, utopia, unification, humanity, Earth, Kant, globalization

This paper explores fifty positive goals of world state.

This paper (i) explores #50 positive goals of world state and (ii) provides a point of reference for those who seeks positive goals of world state.

At world level there are paper with positive goals, but there is no paper that gather and explore in-extenso the positive goals of world state.

The title of the paper could also be The Goals of Global State, The Goals of World Government, The Goals of Global Government.

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Hans S. Benmann is an analyst in world politics. He holds a MA and BA in International Relations and hopes to live in a World State.

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