The Great Tadpole Hunt

The Great Tadpole Hunt

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Author: Jeannie Meekins
Length: 30 page(s)
Written: Mar 2014
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Category: Children's eBooks » Literature / Fiction  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Tadpoles and Frogs, Life cycles, Nature and the Natural World, Water life, Environment, Social Issues, Emotions and Feelings, Friendship, Children, School, Family, Bullying, Growth and Learning, Differences and Similarities

Billy thinks looking after Freddie is easy. Tadpoles don't need anything.

“You stole Freddie!” Billy yelled, pushing George in the chest.
George stumbled backwards, slipped and fell in the mud. All the other kids began laughing as George sat there looking up at a furious Billy.
“I didn’t steal Freddie.” George tried to hold back the tears. “Why would I want him?”
“To get me into trouble.” Billy kicked at the mud, splashing more over George.
“So, it’s my fault you can’t even look after a stupid tadpole for the holidays.”

Billy has been given Freddie, the classroom tadpole, to look after over the school holidays. He thinks it is an easy job; a tadpole doesn’t need any looking after.
When school goes back, Billy packs his backpack with his lunch and his footy. He grabs Freddie’s jar from his dressing table, only to discover the tadpole is missing! And there is something else in the jar!

Join Billy as he searches for the tadpole, then tries to find another to take its place – and discovers exactly what has happened to Freddie.

A story aimed at younger readers who are ready for their first chapter book. Reading two chapters a night will see your child waiting and guessing to see what comes next. Vivid illustrations make the story easy to follow.
Explore the wonders of nature and see if your child can figure out what has happened to Freddie before Billy does.

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Jeannie Meekins is an Australian writer who lives with her children and a couple of cats who think they own the computer. And if her dog could read, he’d be jealous, so it’s lucky that he can’t.
Jeannie has written over 50 books for children, many available through
This is Jeannie’s fourth book for Storm Cloud Publishing.

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