The Hidden Masters

The Hidden Masters

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Author: Michael Faust
Length: 150 page(s)
Written: May 2016
Sales Rank: 15 XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 5703

Category: Esoterism » Esoterism, other  |  Work: Exposé
Keywords: french revolution, illuminati, american revolution, gnosticism, thomas jefferson, nazis, russian revolution, lenin, nibiru, flying saucers, adam weishaupt, hollow earth, robespierre, saintjust, a voyage to arcturus, david lindsay, etidorhpa, john uri llloyd

The secrets of the Illuminati.

Who are the Hidden Masters?

Read explosive inside information about the true Illuminati by a current member. What was the connection between the Illuminati and the French and American Revolutions?

Is the coded novel "Etidorhpa" by John Uri Llloyd about the Illuminati? Is it a reference to the real-life murder of renegade Freemason William Morgan?

Is "A Voyage to Arcturus" by David Lindsay a forgotten Gnostic masterpiece?

It's time to enter the world of secrets. It's time for the Illuminati, the secret society that has fought for millennia to liberate humanity from the slavery of the archons, the secret princes of the world.

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About the Author

Member since: Nov 2011
Publications on XinXii:  15
A senior Illuminist.

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