The Imp of Eye

The Imp of Eye

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Author: Kristin Gleeson
Length: 300 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Mar 2017
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Historical  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Wars of the Roses, historical fiction, English historical Fiction, historical fiction, historical suspense, witchcraft,

A street urchin and a duchess battle political intrigue in 15th C. England

While the storm clouds of the Wars of the Roses gather in fifteenth century London, Barnabas, a streetwise thirteen year-old orphan, dreams of sailing away to foreign countries. His mistress, Margery Jourdemayne, the Witch of Eye, and his guardian, CanonThomas Southwell, plot to use his clairvoyant talents to further their ambitions. Vain and ambitious Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester, turns to the Witch of Eye to conceive a child to secure her position as the wife of the heir to the throne, but her husband’s enemies are determined to use her actions to bring about his downfall.

Can this young imp, Barnabas, steer a safe path through the dangerous web of intrigue and suspicion that surrounds him? Will his ‘sight’ save him from burning in the flames of a witch’s pyre? And will Eleanor conceive a child, or will her follies prove her undoing?

‘Fast-paced and moving, ‘The Imp of Eye’ is the memorable story of real events told in the distinctive voice of a unique and loveable character.’ – Karen Charlton, author of The Detective Lavender Mysteries

‘A jewel of a story, set among the royal courts and the dark alleys of medieval London, where intrigue, betrayal and witchcraft are woven into a poisoned web to trap the innocent. The characters are so compelling that I was struggling to breathe as the net tightened around them. This is story-telling at its best.’- Karen Maitland, author of Company of Liars

Book One of the Renaissance Sojourner Series

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Originally from Philadelphia, Kristin Gleeson lives in Ireland, in the West Cork Gaeltacht, where she teaches art classes, plays harp, sings in a choir and runs two book clubs for the village library. She holds a Masters in Library Science and a Ph.D. in history and for a time was an administrator of a national denominational archives, library and museum in America. She also served as a public librarian in America and in Ireland.

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