The Internet Marketing Dictionary

The Internet Marketing Dictionary

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Author: John Thornhill
Length: 33 page(s)
Written: June 2014
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"Finally! An A-Z Dictionary Which Shows You All The Internet Marketing

"Finally! An A-Z Dictionary Which Shows You All The Internet Marketing 'Jargon' In A Snap..."

In This Great Book, You'll Finally Be Able To Learn All The Internet Marketing Terms So You Can Quickly & Easily Take Advantage of Making Money Online Instead of Feeling Lost In The Maze...

Elijah Reeves
Internet Marketer

Inside "The Internet Marketing Dictionary", you'll learn...

Over 380 words with complete detailed definitions for your reference.

33 pages of commonly used words, phrases, abbreviations and acronyms used in Internet marketing - from "Ad copy" to "WHOIS", it's all in this reference book.

Keep this handy reference close by! The next time you stumble upon an Internet marketing jargon, all you need do is open up this PDF guide, click on your desired alphabet and bam!...your word and definition's ready for you.

Download your copy Today. You'll receive this report instantly...

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Write some words about the new author! This E-Book is an excellent read for aspiring PowerSellers and informational product sellers alike on eBay. It features an abundance of advice and information on becoming a PowerSeller, covering a variety of topics such as creating effective item listing titles, the best times to end auctions, feedback tips, opening an eBay Store and attracting visitors.

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Further investigation indeed reveals the advertisement's content to be factual. As of 2/21/2010, the author's impressive track record of E-Book sales is evident from his five-figure, 100% positive feedback rating, and running an eBay search for "ebook" will often return a multitude of listings posted by fairly high-volume E-Book sellers.

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