The Kepler Mission (Space Mission to Eden 1)

The Kepler Mission (Space Mission to Eden 1)

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Author: J.F. Simon
Length: 97 page(s)
Written: Nov 2018
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: future, Virtual realities, computer program, Avatar, Disco, love, outer space, universe, stars, spaceship

In 2058, the first long-range spaceship starts from Earth.

In the constellation of the swan Nasa has already discovered in 2015 an Earth-like planet under the name "Kepler 452b". In 2058, the first long-range spaceship starts from Earth. It has 1337 passengers on board. They are emigrants from an overpopulated earth with 16.7 billion people. The spaceship is located on the flight in the constellation of the swan. On board seven so-called "drivers" are watching over the 1330 stasis-staggered and sleeping passengers. Luna is the responsible driver of the spaceship. In order to get some variety in the dreary life on board, she has developed a passion, she has created her own virtual world. This computer program allows her to dive into a holographic fictional world whenever she wants it. But then strange things happen and the virtual world starts to become real.

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J. F. Simon has always been a dreamer who moved more in his own fantasy world then in the reality. After basic military service, he began to study law. When his parents died unexpectedly, he broke off his studies and shift for a living with odd jobs. After divorcing his first relationship he met his dream women and started a family. Today he writes the fantastic stories that have accompanied him throughout his life.

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