The Language of Love

The Language of Love

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Author: Benjamin Osei Kuffour Jnr.
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 36 page(s)
Written: Sep 2016
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Other
Keywords: marriage, love, relationships, language

A very interesting to see people fall in love and then later fall out of love

It is very interesting to see people fall in love and then later fall out of love. Sometimes they fall out of love with the same intensity that they fell into love. Love is very powerful; it is a very strong feeling.

Love is shown or expressed both in the presence and the absence of someone. If you love your wife, tell her, help her in the kitchen and communicate with her. Tell her what you go through at work, church and family meetings.

Everybody wants to learn the language of love. You want to be able to communicate with the language of love. Different people respond differently at various levels to all of these. For some people, giving gifts is number one expression of love for them. For others, affirmation is number one. For still others, acts of service is number one. Although all these are expressions of love, different people respond differently.

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Benjamin Osei Kuffour Jnr. holds a degree in French from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.

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