The Last Empire

The Last Empire

Author: Russell Bradley, Nicolas Bradley
Length: 219 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Nov 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Mystery & Crime  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: fiction, love, money, russia, political crime

One of the most shocking political thrillers of the year

Paris, 2011. Roland Ogier, a famous sports journalist, defected from the Soviet Union shortly before perestroika and has lived in France ever since. For thirty years he has not seen his son Sergey, who he left behind. All of Roland’s attempts to mend relations with his son have failed. That is why now, upon suddenly receiving a letter from Sergey asking for help, Ogier takes a flight to Moscow without delay.

However, having got his son back, Roland also discovers him in the middle of the Russian power struggle—the intensity of which is pushed to the limit by the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. Ogier decides to help Sergey, no matter what it takes. Yet he is still oblivious to how insignificant a human life may be when the stakes involve a vast country’s assets running in the billions of dollars.

This is a story of human love and inhuman greed. A story of money vested with absolute power. A story of the Last Empire.

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The Last Empire was co-authored by a father and son. This type of joint authorship, one of the rarest in world literature, has in this case proven immensely successful, allowing the authors to incorporate the perspectives of two generations on the described events. As a result, the story of a father’s return to his native country to help his son whose life is in danger has taken an unusually vivid and dynamic form.

Having lived in Russia for a long time, the place where a significant part of the novel is set, the authors present the readers with the real face of a country overgrown with countless myths. As a result, The Last Empire, albeit a work of art, contains a candid account of events that occurred in the largest country of the world at the turn of the twenty-first century. And even though the story told in the novel may at first glance strike the reader as unthinkable, one is well reminded that reality may at times be far more surreal than any fiction.

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Pretty much real, actually Dec 14, 2011
von Miles Parker
I was interested in Russia for many years now, and I can tell you for sure that this story seems to be more than real, despite the usual 'all the characters are fictitious' disclaimer. No one knows exactly what happens in this country, even Russians themselves, but there's some huge money involved, definitely.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the novel. It's a gripping story, even if you're not really into Russia and politics.

And seems like it's to be continued, I bet the authors already thought about it.

Unbelievable Dec 6, 2011
von Anonymous
The story is great, even though sometimes it really does seem unbelievable.


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