The Marshmallow Family

The Marshmallow Family

Loving From the Heart

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Author: Tammy Williams
Length: 32 page(s)
Written: Jan 2019
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Keywords: Love, family

The reader will benefit from the understanding of True Love

This book demonstrates how real love is unconditional and shows no limitations to any differences. The families in the Town of Mallow Creek knew nothing about hate, they only knew to love in all circumstances. Throughout this book the reader will see how this town got together to send a wave of love and kindness to a family who never knew love, but began to understand love as the town continued to pour it out their hearts. The reader will benefit from the understanding of True Love...It Never Wavers!

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About the Author

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Tammy Williams is a Christian, wife, mother, and educator who understands the significance of love and gratitude. Tammy holds a Master in Education and many years of facilitating in classroom settings. Tammy has also held several jobs working with autistic and mental/physically disabled children in which is very dear and close to her heart. Tammy worked with at risk youth and pregnant teenagers encouraging them to reach for their highest goals and accomplish their biggest dreams. As an mother and educator, she teaches children the importance of loving oneself and other's without hesitation. "Children are the main focus in the way of love because it's so easy for their minds to be tainted with the evils and negativity of this world. It's important that we grab them up early and began to mold their hearts and minds with the positivity of Love."

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