The Not So Ordinary World of Herbs

The Not So Ordinary World of Herbs

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Author: Jane Wilks
Length: 67 page(s)
Written: Aug 2015
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Category: Home & Garden » Gardening & Horticulture  |  Work: User guide
Keywords: green living, weeds you can eat, common herbs, how to use different herbs, definition of weed, weeds as herbs, eating weeds, benefits of weeds, herb gardens, dandelion, plantain, use of herbs by early Maori, Kawakawa, New Zealand flax, herbs in magic, herbal dyes

a fascinating look at some humble herbs and so-called weeds

Do you wish to know something slightly different about the ancient and wonderful world of herbs?
‘The Not So Ordinary World of Herbs’ is an informative yet entertaining look into the more unusual aspects of the herb plant world.
The text is accompanied by vivid, contemporary photos and offers a unique insight into some lesser known herbs, including ones that many may regard as weeds.
Many herb books focus on just the cooking or medicinal side. However in this book, the New Zealand author delves into different aspects of the herb garden such as Victorian plant symbolism, herb magic, folk lore and dyes. It creates an interesting picture - both into the past and into the future of herbs.

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Jane Wilks is an established author and lives in New Zealand with her husband and family. As owner of aromatic oils company Herb Heaven, she has written several books on oils, scent and herbs.

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