The Path To Happiness

The Path To Happiness

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Author: Osoul Center
Length: 84 page(s)
Written: Nov 2018
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Spirituality  |  Work: Aid (Learning, Study, Working)
Keywords: eternal paradise, innner peace in islam, prophet muhammad, Allah SWT, true happiness, the holy quran, mental health in islam

The Path To Happiness from Islamic Perspective

This book explains that the way of life Islam provides for its followers is divine, intended to ensure that people enjoy real happiness in this present life and in the life to come. Whatever the Islamic way of life includes of obligations and prohibitions meets human needs and ensures man's happiness, neither restricting people's freedom nor imposing a burden on them.

Islam gives its followers a clear concept of man's status and his relationship with the universe around him. Islam establishes the concept of true and everlasting happiness, which is the happy future life in heaven. This makes Muslims aspire to the sublime through obedience of God and earning His pleasure.

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