The Program

The Program

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Author: Joseph Adago
Length: 167 page(s)
Written: Oct 2012
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Master the Art of Dating and Attracting Women in Six Weeks

“Every single guy should have this book!”—Steve, 34, Kensington (Brooklyn), Freelance Writer.

"The Program" shows men how, in just a matter of weeks, they can master the art of dating and attracting women. It illustrates ideas using entertaining stories and finishes with an hour-by-hour, day-by-day guide on how to succeed with women.

The result is a compelling, easy- to-follow book, which is a must-read for single men everywhere.

"The Program" is like a diet or a workout regime, except instead of better abs or losing a couple pounds it is going to, in the upcoming six weeks, transform you into a guy who excels at dating and attracting women. Along the way, "The Program" reveals to you the secrets to excelling at online dating, singles events, and how to approach and present yourself to women.

The result: an extremely easy-to-read and entertaining book, which will revolutionize your dating life.

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Joseph Adago has worked in New York City Real Estate marketing and sales for the last ten years. During this time he has sold millions of dollars worth of real estate and rented scores of high end apartments. He currently works as a top real estate agent in arguably the hottest neighborhood in the country, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
After struggling with being single for years, Joseph Adago used his expertise at real estate sales and marketing to devise a system that shows men how to wildly succeed at another kind of marketing: dating and attracting women. The result is The Program: Master the Art of Dating and Attracting Women in Six Weeks, a book that will revolutionize dating for men.
Last year, Joseph Adago used his own system to break out of his dating rut. During this time he met and dated a number of amazing women. Through his system, he also met the wonderful woman he recently married. He lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his wife Olivia.Write some words about the new author!

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