The Root Powers

The Root Powers

The ancient entities whose names have become the roots of our language

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Author: Anand Madhu
Length: 65 page(s)
Written: Mar 2016
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Keywords: Babel, Babylon, Khufu, Zeus, Horus, language, aryan, word, root, etymology, etiology, pagan, god, proto-indo-european, P-I-E, proto-indo-european

The ancient entities whose traces linger in today's multipart social entities...

I describe the roots of Proto-P-I-E, a language of sounds which, in antediluvian times, gave birth to Proto-Indo-European (P-I-E), a language which in its turn gave birth to most modern languages. While PIE was put into written symbols by the Noldor High Prince Feanor (the Tengwar mystery) -- even before that, Proto-PIE existed as a language of sounds. The origins of Proto-PIE can be fragmented into disparate sources on average much more ancient than PIE; Proto-PIE coalesced to form PIE.We can't assign a single geographical location or time to where this language of sounds came from.

Most nouns (labels for objects) are combinations of roots deriving from ancient root power sound names. See how good and guide were “sticky” characterizations of things associated with a certain God; it is thus that they got their names "GD". So it is for most nouns.

Here we find endless food for thought, because, elegantly enough, the names of these ancient entities, the "root powers", became the roots of proto-P-I-E, variously permuting and combining, thus creating all non-trivial nouns.

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