The School Bully

The School Bully

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Author: Gabrielle Oliver
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 116 page(s)
Written: Mar 2019
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Category: Children's eBooks » Young Adult  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: school, high school, bully, teens, drama

Alexandria Junior's days at William Height High School.

Alexandria Junior's days at William Height High School, where she has to faces up Clarence, a defiant bully who became a different child after his life has capsized when Alexandria and her family gives him a helping hand suddenly.

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About the Author

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Gabrielle is a 13 year old student of Rusea's High School and lives in St. James. Her aptitude as an writer emerged at an early age and was encouraged by her doting parents Tracy Ann Allen-Oliver (mother) and Cadian Oliver (Father).

She is an avid reader and outstanding student academically.

While she has not yet fully decided on her life's career path, she knows that writing books will be one of the things she will be doing. In addition to School Bully, Gabrielle has already started another book.

She has two siblings Gabriel and Gaddriel Oliver.

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