The Secret Algorithms: Realizing Complex SEO Swiftly

The Secret Algorithms: Realizing Complex SEO Swiftly

SEO Bestseller in Udemy: All-in-1 Book, Course, Tool, and Service

Author: Lailanie Ambor
Length: 66 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2018
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Category: Internet » SEO / SEM  |  Work: Geschäftsidee
Keywords: SEO, Keywords Positioning, SERP, Search Engine, Online Business, SEO Consultancy

SEO Bestseller in Udemy: All-in-1 Book, Course, Tool, and Expert Consultancy

Why is this book born? To improve the organic visibility of search engines in economical way. Go to ( to check the live course we create for you.

SEO Bestseller in Udemy: All-in-1
Book, Course, Tool, and Expert Consultancy

In fact, bringing ten keys rather than the first page of Google does not have to be the result of more or less burdensome economic investments but it must be the effect of an honest and honorable battle in which all the fighters closed, on a par unique experience is discriminating as regards the effectiveness of one's own ingenuity and one's own intuition.

Therefore, this is not only a book but a course, tool and service. When you are ready, buy the course and leave me a message so you can start your 30-day trial version of SEO Wizard tool.
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What is inside

Chapter 1: Unveiling the Birth of SEO and the Concept of Content
1.1 The Evolution of Web Research: From Origin to Present SEO and SERP
1.2 The Catalog Man: Stewart Brand
1.3 Content is King
1.4 SEO Today: What Not To Do

Chapter 2: 1st Step: HTML, Spider and Long Tails
2.1 Premises for Optimizing a Project
2.2 What is Content?
2.3 How we communicate our content to search engine?
2.4 Short is Brand. Long is Market

Chapter 3: Utilizing Semantics in Compiling HTML Tags
3.1 What are the calculation made by the engine?
3.2 How to write contents respecting the rules in this way?
3.3 Use of Text Compressed
3.4 Do you understand what I intend to tell you?

Chapter 4: The Delicate Phase of Publication
4.1 Proper publication is important
4.2 Good writing is not the endpoint of the work
4.3 Publication is a crucial passage
4.4 On-site Publication
4.5 Publication via Landing Page
4.6 Search Console: The Direct Line with Search Engine
4.7 Overview of Using Search Console
4.8 Summary

Chapter 5: The Modern System of Writing
5.1 The Story of SEO-Magic
5.2. The Engineering of a Dream
5.3 The Working Method of Modern SEO
5.4 The Concept of Portal Visibility to All
5.5 Tool or Consultancy?
5.6 Giddy Numbers

What is for you?

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About the Author

Member since: May 2018
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Lailanie Ambor loves to write and do SEO projects.

She is a candidate for Doctor of Arts in Literature and Communication and made the co-working book in English "The Secret Algorithms of Google".

She is currently working in SEOMAGIC a teaching SEO force.

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SEO satisfaction! May 18, 2018
von Anonymous
This book gives me hope to work at home away from hurly burly life. All I need is intuition and a tool!

a book with a SEO course May 18, 2018
von Federica Cruz
Great idea! A book with a SEO course! Thank you so much. I will read this as soon as possible so I can get the course and try the Wizard tool ASAP and start my own SEO project. Thanks a lot!

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