The Skyracos Dicta

The Skyracos Dicta

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Author: John Picha
Length: 25 page(s)
Written: Apr 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: Skyracos, retro sci fi, science fiction, pulp, epulp, jet pack, rocket pack, dieselpunk, decopunk, flash gordon, buck rogers, rocketeer, amazing stories, superhero, spacemen, aliens, flying men, streamline, spaceship, armor, rocketship, outer space

This sci-fi artifact is a companion piece to the Skyraco ePulps.

** The free preview is actually the full ebook**

This genuine sci-fi artifact comes from another world and is a companion piece to the Skyraco ePulps. This souvenir collectable is a must-download for any Skyraco fan across the Earth.

The Skyracos Dicta was compiled from the notes of Ozgood Price, the first and most famous Skyraco. He meant for it to act as an operational guide, a code of conduct, a credo, a list of virtues, commandments, prime directives, and most importantly, a method for survival. Now, long after his untimely demise, the Dicta is a part of every recruit's training manual and Ozgood's words continue to inspire new generations of Skyracos.

It's often quoted by the high-flying heroes during their adventures in Zoland System. Some can hear the voice of Ozgood within the words of the cryptic code while others inevitably see what they want or bend the messages to meet their needs. You may even discover something about yourself once you look inside...

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