The Stars and The Earth

The Stars and The Earth

Thoughts upon Space Time and Eternity

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Author: Felix Eberty
Length: 40 page(s)
Written: Dec 2015
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Category: Sciences & Research » Natural Sciences  |  Work: Textbook
Keywords: Astronomy, Theory of relativity

This book, first published 1846, inspired the young Albert Einstein.

It is one of the most strikingly suggestive books, and small though it is, one of the most remarkable of the present century.
Richard A. Proctor, Honorary Secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society (1880)

... it contains a fund of deep thought which larger works on astronomical subjects have seldom developed. It is most logically written. Step by step, from undeniable premises, does the writer prove his point, until the omniscience of the great one Deity is made apparent to our mental vision, and in an extraordinary new and clearer light.
Dolman's Magazine (1846)

It is one of the most poetical ideas which the human mind can entertain, - an idea which is not merely chimerical and imaginary, but based on scientific facts, and logically true. We wonder it has never been hit upon before.
Family Herald (1846)

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Hans Ostwald (1873-1940), Schriftsteller und Journalist, lernte während seiner Zeit als wandernder Handwerksbursche das Landstreichermilieu kennen. Seine Tagebuchaufzeichnungen nahm er als Grundlage für den autobiographischen Roman "Vagabunden", mit dem er 1900 einen so großen Erfolg hatte, dass er fortan als freier Schriftsteller leben konnte.
Er ist berühmt für die zwischen 1904 und 1908 entstandene Buchreihe "Großstadt-Dokumente", in der die unteren gesellschaftlichen Klassen und die Randgruppen unter kulturhistorischen Gesichtspunkten erforscht und dargestellt werden.

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