The Top Ten System Tools for Android

The Top Ten System Tools for Android

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Author: Fiona Gatt
Length: 46 page(s)
Written: Apr 2011
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The tools featured in eBook can help you do a lot more with Android

Most computer users have become quite familiar with the ways that Windows provides access to tweak system settings. When it comes to mobile devices Android provides some default options, and other developers have also unleashed a collective of remarkable system tools for Android. File Manager, Device Manager, Control Panel and software management tools have taken the form of small and light apps, providing an enhanced user experience and complete control of your device settings. tested and reviewed hundreds of system utility apps before bringing you this eBook featuring the top ten system tools for Android. The tools featured in this eBook can help you do a lot more with your Android device a single click to control a lot of actions without clicking your way through multiple steps and settings.

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Fiona Gatt has worked in the tech industry for over a decade and has extensive experience writing guides on computing products for end users. Ironically, Fiona’s academic training is in history, politics, fiction writing and editing; the career in IT was somewhat of an accident. Like everybody, Fiona lives and works with technology without ever apparently having decided to do so. This gives her writing style a unique inside angle tempered with accessible language, which she peppers with humour to help bridge the gap between inside industry knowledge and the real world application of tech.

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