The Voice of One Crying In the Wilderness

The Voice of One Crying In the Wilderness

God's Marvelous Light Healed Me

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Author: DR. Sasha Yocheved PhD
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 116 page(s)
Written: Jan 2019
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Christianity  |  Work: Other
Keywords: religion, Christian, inspirational, hope, faith, transformation, messianic

In the face of darkness, God's marvelous light helps me find inner strength...

I lived a lie that kept me bound in Satan's chains most of my life. I was a wretched soul.

I found my true spiritual destination thru severe loss and much grief..

I am truly a young woman that has gone through the fire of being purged and cleansed.

In the face of darkness, God's marvelous light helps me find inner strength, apply faith and conquer the enemy. I am a young woman and a mother that has transformed myself into the masters use; (Amen).

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About the Author

DR. Sasha Yocheved PhD | Author on

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Dr. Sasha Yocheved was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to two Native American Indians, and from the tribe of Joseph. She is the eldest child of five children from her household. Sasha has one daughter 25 years of age name Corinthia Yancey. Her educational history as follows; She has a doctorate of divinity, and doctorate of biblical studies from New Horizon Ministry. Sasha has a Basic Hebrew Class/Basic Roots of the Faith certificate of completion from Beth Messiah. Sasha is a licensed early childhood teacher from 4'c's community child care organization. She loves Yeshua (Jesus), with her complete being. Sasha is the CEO of IKOGHMSI a Messianic Ministry serving Jews and Gentiles. In 2017 there is a plan to open a homeless shelter for Christian women.

Sasha Yocheved was born again with the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues at 22 years of age. Baptize at "Parkway Apostolic Church" at 22 years of age. Sasha went to Israel in 2012. In 2015 began a "Prisoners Prayer Page" on Facebook. God's marvelous light gave her direction. Sasha was diagnosis with Schizophrenia at age 29, She is now 40. This illness has not limited her ability to worship God. She is a Nami member 2015.

Dr. Sasha Yocheved plans to continue spreading God's marvelous light by writing many books.

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