Theory of Taekwondo

Theory of Taekwondo

History of Taekwondo

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Author: Dr. Park Chung-Ho
Length: 16 page(s)
Written: Oct 2013
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Category: Sports & Fitness » Combatant Sport  |  Work: Training course
Keywords: History, Philosophy, Sport, Culture, Society, Education, Health, School

History can not be changed as personal Life

I am pleased to write this book on the art of Taekwondo with the title “Taekwondo for Beginner”. In that book, my intention was to explain the teaching skill of Taekwondo in pre- school, High School, University, Health Training and personal Training.
For the first all, I want to insist that History can not be changed as personal Vitae and must not be distorted historical data in East Asian Area. Example, it is absurd to say that the western part of the Tumen River and the Yalu River were Chinese territory, the former Chinese premier said. For that reason, this error came from historians. Hence we have to fix this error.
I can promise now that I will be next written a book to introduce the History of Taekwondo for sports science students at Humboldt University and Professional Scholar of sports science in German language.

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