Towards a Transcultural Management Philosophy and Framework

Towards a Transcultural Management Philosophy and Framework

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Author: Gebhard Deißler
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Written: Dec 2012
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Category: Business & Politics » International Management  |  Work: Study
Keywords: intercultural paradigm, enhancement of the intercultural state-of-the-art approach, inter-transcultural paradigm, wholistic intercultural management, raising the intercultural to a higher transcultural/cultural problem solving level. intercultural dialog skills with a transcultural mindset, art and science of global cultural peace, understanding the axiomatic of culture within human consciousness. multidiemensional scientific understanding of culture, structures/functions/principles and processes of an integral perception of culture, quantum physics and neurosience shed a new light on cultural man, the integrative impact of enhanced cultural insight, cultural epistemology, cross-cultural contrubutions to cultural understanding, distilling the ultimate culture managment formula, master model of culture within human consciousness with its axiomatic, transdisciplinary cultural intelligence, intercultural and tanscultural intelligence

Towards a Transcultural Management Philosophy and Framework

This treatise elaborates on the design and the realization of a wholistic, integrative inter and transcultural management framework, so as to enhance the predominantly differentiative intercultural management approach by it's integrative complement that makes it a complete and more effective approach to the challenges of cultural nature that eluide the present intercultural state-of-the art.

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