Using Analogical Logic in a Symbolic Logic Proof

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Author: Anthony J. Fejfar
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Written: Nov 2010
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Category: Philosophy » Logic  |  Work: Article
Keywords: symbolic logic, analytical logic, analogical logic, logical positivism, thomism, neothomism, critical thomism, fejfar, lonergan, critical realism

Using Analogical Logic in a Symbolic Logic Proof

This Tract Book Article, by Anthony J. Fejfar, demonstrates the use of Analogical Logic in a Symbolic Logic Proof, which, proves the validity of knowledge gained from the use of Logical Resoning from Experience.

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Anthony J Fejfar is a former law professor. He has academic expertise in the areas of: legal philosophy, ethics, epistemology, logic, theology, education theory, property law, constitutional law, natural law, natural rights, and jurisprudence. Fejfar also writes song lyrics, short stories, allegories, and poetry.

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