Water hands

Water hands

What Water and the Deaf Community Have in Common

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Author: Patricia Resl
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 95 page(s)
Written: Oct 2017
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Novels  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: deaf community, deaf cultur, sign language, water elements, save water, nature

connecting between deaf community and water elements

My natural-philosophical comparison of the Deaf community and
water has shown that human beings have developed from
nature. Deaf people are natural the way they are, and not
disabled. They should neither hate themselves nor be pitied by
others because of being different, but they should accept their
uniqueness and live a natural life.
Water was the first substance that made life possible in the
development of our planet, sign language was the first language
of humanity, and "water" was the first concept that the wellknown
deafblind author Helen Keller learned to comprehend.
This clearly illustrates the importance of water and sign
Water is invaluable to us humans, which is why we must take
good care of it and makes sure that it remains usable for us and
generations to come.
The comparisons above illustrate various common aspects
between water and the Deaf community. For example with the
fact that the best way to communicate under water is in sign
language, that the cohesion of the Deaf community is
comparable to the distribution of water on Earth, and that water
is present all around the globe, just as Deaf people are. At a
metaphorical level, the Deaf community has finally found its own
“country” in the water, which belongs to the Deaf community.
The following final words are especially important to me: Deaf
people are not disabled, but part of nature, which itself belongs
to the Deaf community in the form water. For human beings and
the environment have both emerged from nature.

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About the Author

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I´m deaf woman and use sign language with my deaf family and friends.
I studied social work and biology at the university. That´s why I love the people and the nature.
my Job is social philosophy and psychosozial counsel.

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