What a journey!

What a journey!

From all that was to all that is

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Author: Begoña True
Length: 28 page(s)
Written: Feb 2012
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Category: Children's eBooks » Non-Fiction  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: New energy children books, new consciousness, shaumbra, children books, children stories, Spirit, Home, remembering who you are, your angelic nature, coming to earth, Lemuria, Atlantis, the beauty of life, stories for all ages, all that is, I am god also, i am that i am, your true essence, remembering home, remembering spirit within, spirituality, waking up, god within,

A story of rememberance for kids, since we left Home, Spirit, till now.

What a journey!

From all that was to all that is, is as the title describes a story of remembering where we come from, Spirit, till now, recognizing ourselves as creators, as Gods also.

It is written in a simple and beautiful way, getting you to remember the essence of the journey since we left Home, Spirit; how this helped the expansion of consiousness, our times in the angelic realms and the amazing experience of coming to Earth and feeling and seeing this amazing place full of life and beauty and how we got to nowadays.

It has truly beautiful illustrations and is as enjoyable for kids as it is for adults.

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