What wonderful women!

What wonderful women!

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Author: Elena Rai
Length: 37 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2019
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Miscellaneous  |  Work: Sonstiges
Keywords: Famous people, Fate, Biography, Women, Famous women, Historical figures, Unknown stories, Oh what women.

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People are often disappointed with their lives. Some of them believe that they were just unlucky and were born in the wrong countries, states and families. In hard times, people ask themselves: « Why do some people get everything and others get nothing?». However, the birth of man is already a true sign of faith, that we should rejoice and thank every day for the honour given to us - to live on this earth. The quality of life is improved noticeably when people enjoy every day, when gratitude is born in their souls for everything that happens to them, instead of grievances and complaints. A character of the famous movie said: «For a person with intelligence, nothing is impossible. You can teach a hare to smoke (this Russian expression means everything can be achieved)». We can always change the scenario of our life and rewrite it, as we just want. Changing the country, city, family, profession is not a problem for some people at all, and they can do it even several times in their lives. Although there are people who quail at the thought of leaving somewhere or refusing something. Problem of most people is that they are always waiting and hoping for something and someone. Nevertheless, you understand that life can be changed if a person begins to change it himself; it means he has to do certain actions; it is not enough just to desire to change your life. I propose to improve the quality of your life to be responsible for yourself and start to live here and now.

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