When The Longships Came

When The Longships Came

Historical Novel Set in Viking Times

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Author: Ross Richdale
Length: 211 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Aug 2017
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Novels  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: historical novel, Vikings, Viking Times, drama, adventure, fiction, Ross Richdale,

In 865 AD Vikings attack a monastery in Northumbria.

In 865AD Vikings attack the Bramingham Monastery in the Kingdom of Northumbria. The building is looted with everything of value taken by the pagans. Abbess Jane and senior nuns are slaughtered and the younger nuns abducted into slavery. Maiden Kendra, minding the monastery sheep on the top plateau during the attack survives.

This is her story.

One other survivor, postulant Jolene finds her and together they return to the monastery. Secrets are discovered, including secret tunnels and evidence of clandestine trading with Vikings. Refugees from an nearby village are welcomed but a knight from the King's army arrives who is as ruthless as the Vikings. He is driven off but places the monastery under siege.

But what will happen with two enemies, the massive Viking invasion fleet expected and the King's army wanting to starve them into surrender? Also Kendra finds that her father is a dying Viking chief who wants to see her, Should she accompany a Viking back to his homeland?

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After a career as a teacher and principal of mainly small rural schools, Ross Richdale lives in the small university city of Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand where he writes contemporary novels and science fiction. He is married with three adult children and five grandchildren.
His interest in current events and international incidents serve as a backdrop for many of his novels. Ordinary people rather than the super rich super powerful or violent, are the main characters in his stories. His plots also reflect his interest in the rural lifestyle as well as the cross section of personalities encountered during his years as a teacher.

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