Why Men Love to Fuck Dolls

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Why do men like sex dolls? Why do they spend thousands of dollars on lifelike

Top 3 Reasons:
For a better sex life.
For companionship, and to fight loneliness.
To satisfy a specific doll fetish.
Quotes from Doll Owners:

"For me, I'm just tired of being alone. Already been there my whole life, don't want to live out the rest of my life that way too. I figure a fake girl is better than no girl at all. Aside from that, any girl I could realistically be with wouldn't look nearly as good as some of the dolls folks are selling out there."

"I just got tired of being alone. Most of the women I went out with got pissed when race season got here and I went to work on race cars on most weekends. And I don't want all the head games that real women bring with them."

"It seems that the entire dating/marriage concept has become sort of a death-trap for males. No matter how you try to play it, she will always hold all of the cards and will most likely use them at some point.

Dolls are a good sensible alternative. They meet my needs well enough for the arrangement to be sustainable."

"I was married for 25 years, most of the last ten years were unhappy, now that I'm single again the last thing I want is a (real) relationship. Dolls don't complain, there always there, never have a headache. dolls win."

"I started with a latex balloon fetish in my youth. It expanded into inflatable dolls then silicone dolls.
The dolls are not a substitute for a relationship, they are just for a kind of fantasy."

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