Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers

Between winners and losers

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Author: Joseph Aloysius
Length: 24 page(s)
Written: Dec 2014
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Keywords: winners, losers, success, failures, how to succeed, winners and losers.

his book will teach you What makes the difference between winners and losers?

This book will teach you What makes the difference between winners and losers? Why are some people above and others licking the dust of failure and mediocrity? Does it have to do with their look, age,height, sex, race or other factors? Is it that some have been destined to be“hewers”of stone, carriers of woods and drawers of water” while others are meant to be princes,masters and Lords, living in palaces? Does God favor some to win and excel in life and destine others to a life of failure,no matter what they do and however hard they struggle and try?I am sure you may have had cause to ask one or two of the questions above before. find out in this

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My name is Joseph Aloysius, am from Nigeria, i am a blogger, a Forex trader, information marketer and Affiliate marketer. am loving, caring and humble. i love people, i love God.

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