Wood, Talc and Mr. J

Wood, Talc and Mr. J

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Author: Chris Rose
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 250 page(s)
Written: Apr 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Novels  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: coming of age, romance, historical, music, Northern Soul, The North, British, 1970s, comedy, tragedy, parody, satire, drugs, politics, working class

A nostalgic, comical coming of age novel, where potential tragedy lingers...

A look back. Without the rose-tinted spectacles, but with hindsight and humour, and with poignancy and affection.

1978. The North.

Phillip sees life in a simplistic if passionate way: up or down, us and them, black, white and nothing in-between. When not doing his ‘thing’ in Wigan’s Casino Club – voted ‘The Greatest Disco in the World’ by Time Magazine – Phillip hates the world. Or at least he thinks he does. He longs for the weekend, or a greater, permanent escape from the daily grind of factory life in an industrial town.

With a little imagination, he might realise things midweek aren’t that bad: there’s the loving family, the secure job amid mass unemployment, a relationship with the perfect young woman… Or maybe he realises too late. And all he’d deemed important was only ever an illusion, his reflected image included.

Coming full circle by way of loss and more loss, you would hope lessons are learned…

The book progresses through myriad dream sequences, interwoven song-themes, a father’s philosophical ramblings, ever blackening wit, leitmotif – or seemingly recurring scenes; is someone laughing at our hero? And Phillip’s own, lyrical, strut-like, black or white manner.

Dancehall adventures via train rides to Heaven, scooter cruising almost coast to coast. Beneath the pier encounters with the opposite sex, et al… set against the birth of Scargill and Thatcher feuding…

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Chris Rose was born in Sheffield, many moons ago, and Wood, Talc and Mr. J is his debut novel.
He spent his ‘early’ formative years on the Northern Soul circuit, pretty much like Phillip Rowlings, the Casino Club being his favourite haunt; and a place he believes set him up for life’s wondrous journey.

Each year is a formative one in his eyes.

He is a Francophile. Indeed, he wrote Wood, Talc and Mr. J whilst living in France. He is a linguist; he speaks French and Spanish, and has the basics of Italian and German. And he taught English as a second language for many years, both in England and in France. He also translates, primarily from French, and has a Masters in Literary Translation

He loves the theatre and performs annually in what is believed to be Britain’s unique, established French theatre company, at the UEA, in Norwich.
Otherwise, when not lost in a book, his own or someone else’s, he loves to just lose himself in one of his steel stringed guitars.

His beautiful partner and eight year old daughter are very patient…

Chris is currently working on his second novel, the title of which he’d prefer to keep a secret for the while...

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