Yes, Only to the Right Person

Yes, Only to the Right Person

A Guide to Choosing the Right Partner

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Author: O.D. Chimex
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 242 page(s)
Written: Nov 2016
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Category: Sex, Love & Erotic » Relationships  |  Work: Other
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After reading this book; you can only be in a romantic relationship...

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: You can give someone the permission unknowingly to hurt you. This is very true in a relationship, if one chooses the wrong person. One can also decide not to give someone that permission to hurt him or her by saying yes only to the right person. Just like in a business, before starting a partnership, one is expected to choose a potential business partner based on strict business rules of engagements. Being involved romantically with someone is a serious business too. And before you handover your heart to someone, you are expected to do the needful, that is, making the right choice based on strict relationship guidelines. Loving someone is not just enough to think you have chosen the right person. And a few displays of affections by this person are not also enough to risk your heart to a stranger. More to it is accessing this person before giving your heart.

Is there a right person?
How will I know if this person is the right person?
How will I know if it s real love?
How can I avoid making mistake in choosing a partner?
Can I minimize the chances of heartbreak or divorce?
Can I still fix my crumbling relationship?
How can I become a right partner?

Yes only to the Right Person: A guide to Choosing the Right Partner answers these questions by guiding you in making an honest appraisal of a person/relationship before handing over your heart. After reading this book; you can only be in a romantic relationship with the wrong person, by choice.

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Though an Economist, writing has always been something he enjoys doing. That feeling of contributing ideas is awesome, especially ideas that will help others. This he will like to keep doing, making others glue their buttocks on the seat, absorbing those ideas. And like some people say PEOPLE WHO READ MORE ARE PEOPLE WHO DREAM. O.D. Chimex is an avid reader and researcher who devote his time to reading and researching to make a difference in the world.

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