Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser

Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser

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Autor: Esther van Duin
N° de páginas: 49
Escrito: Ene. 2012
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Categoría: Infantil y Juvenil » Lectura  |  Tipo: Story / Narration
Etiquetas: children, children book, 4-9 years, non-fiction, fantasy, illustrated, short stories

Short stories 5 pcs., illustrated, children book 4-9 years, 49 pages

Mr. Crab is a beautiful illustrated children e-book with totally 5 stories.

Human behaviour captured in animal stories:

- Dream of a Green Cat
- Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
- Butterfly in a Lollipop Forest
- Helping Hand
- Best Friends

Feel good stories.

Does your child have difficulties with reading? No problem. The e-book contains a bigger lettertype and more white space between the lines. The e-book has been developped for self-reading. To stimulate the pleasure of children books.

The book is also available in a Dutch version and starting from March this year in German.

If you are willing to review the e-book and put in on Facebook, I will send you a nice present for your child.

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Esther van Duin heeft het boekje Krabbie Krab wordt Kapper geschreven. Daarbij heeft ze ook een Engelse vertaling gemaakt.

Via deze website kunt u beide edities bestellen in e-boek vorm. Het reguliere boek kunt u via bestellen. U krijgt een gratis kadootje hierbij.

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