Quantum Entanglement and Synchronicity

Quantum Entanglement and Synchronicity

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Autor: George Anderson
N° de páginas: 244
Escrito: Ene. 2019
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Categoría: Filosofía » Metafísica  |  Tipo: Textbook
Etiquetas: Quantum entanglement, synchronicity, strange coincidences, quantum physics, collective unconscious, archetypes, consciousness, universe, soul

Force Fields, Non-Locality, Extrasensory Perception. The Astonishing Properties

Often our daily life is accompanied by extrasensory insights and visions. Our existence is accompanied by episodes of telepathy or other sensations of the soul. These phenomena are not uncommon and affect everyone. Some scholars, with a more open mind, wanted to tackle the topic scientifically. They wondered if there is a way to understand extrasensory experiences without resorting to occultism, mythology or pseudo-religious philosophies.
Quantum physics provides positive answers to this question. It is now certain that elementary particles are connected to each other. Quantum entanglement confirms that in the level of elementary particles "everything is one". In this unity we can recognize a mind of the universe. Perhaps Plato's "Anima mundi". Perhaps the collective unconscious of Carl Jung. Perhaps it is the Eastern philosophy of the Tao. Or perhaps a completely new vision of reality, which unifies the material and the psychic. The author, with the clarity of an expert communicator, involves the reader in these themes. riflessione.

Pages 244.
55 illustrations

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