Zetana La Disconnessa

Zetana La Disconnessa

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Autor: Lavirrealista
N° de páginas: 41
Idioma: Italian
Escrito: Dic. 2011
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Categoría: Literatura y Ficción » Ciencia Ficción  |  Tipo: Story / Narration
Etiquetas: Connettivismo, Internet, Libertà dell’Internet, Informazione, Controllo, Controllo dell'Informazione,

Zetana La Disconnessa è dedicato alla Libertà dell’Internet.

La Connessione Universale era il modo in cui la conoscenza fluiva attorno alla Galassia Madre. Era un plasma che permeava il tutto, che dava e riceveva il sapere quasi inconsapevolmente. Purtroppo la Connessione del pianeta Cloudio era stata sovvertita dai suoi governanti che la utilizzavano come mezzo di controllo per mantenere il loro potere. Ma Zetana, una giovane ragazza cresciuta in Cloudio, era la prova vivente del fallimento finale di controllo assoluto.

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Lavirrealista is the pen name of Maria Pellegrini. She calls herself "Lavirrealista" after the concept of Virrealism introduced in her first book "Real Virtualities".

Virrealism makes reality out of the infinite possibilities of virtual creation. If reality is what is experienced by our senses, Virrealism allows the brain to experience realities greater than that and so change and multiply our limited perception. This may be achieved by future technology, but Real Virtualities imagines evolved brains which can do this naturally. This huge expansion of knowledge and experience will eventually free humanity from slavery to possessions and domination of others. Therefore only those with an open mind and the ability to look forward to a better future will survive the relentless process of evolutionary deselection.

All Lavirrealista's works try to advance the most modern technology generations into the future and many different technological themes are explored. They range from a philosophical examination of consciousness to the possibilities of synthetic biology and the experience of alter realities. But there is also a strong connection to the ancient past reflecting her classical education and she is mostly attracted by works written in an artistic style to which she aspires.

She became an indie publisher in 2010 and has published a novel, Real Virtualities and a collection of short stories, Tales from the Mother Galaxy. She continues to write and is currently working on a new book taking the socio-scientific themes to a new level. She publishes both in English and Italian.

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