Zetana La Disconnessa

Zetana La Disconnessa

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Autor: Lavirrealista
N° de páginas: 41
Idioma: Italian
Escrito: Dic. 2011
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Categoría: Literatura y Ficción » Ciencia Ficción  |  Tipo: Story / Narration
Etiquetas: Connettivismo, Internet, Libertà dell’Internet, Informazione, Controllo, Controllo dell'Informazione,

Zetana La Disconnessa è dedicato alla Libertà dell’Internet.

La Connessione Universale era il modo in cui la conoscenza fluiva attorno alla Galassia Madre. Era un plasma che permeava il tutto, che dava e riceveva il sapere quasi inconsapevolmente. Purtroppo la Connessione del pianeta Cloudio era stata sovvertita dai suoi governanti che la utilizzavano come mezzo di controllo per mantenere il loro potere. Ma Zetana, una giovane ragazza cresciuta in Cloudio, era la prova vivente del fallimento finale di controllo assoluto.

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Maria, known as Lavirrealista, loves science, technology and innovation. She enjoys travelling, observation and learning. Also writing and reading, she is enchanted by cyberart and works written with artistic intention.

She studied classics at high school and later geology. She has a masters in environmental science and also a technical postgrad qualification.

Maria worked within the earth sciences and applied technologies industry for over fifteen years and later in her career she moved into the editorial world.

She became an indie publisher in 2010.

She has published a novel, Real Virtualities and also a collection of short stories, Tales from the Mother Galaxy. She publishes both in English and Italian.

VIRREALISMO PUBLISHING was born in 2010 the year that eBooks went mainstream internationally with an explosion of new titles for this exciting medium, representing a fundamental change in publishing.

“Until now we are just at the beginning of the Indie Publishing phenomenon, when writers are increasingly self-publishing facilitated by the rapid take-off of hand held reading devices and the unstoppable progress of the Internet. I believe that the next stage will be the incorporation of increasingly sophisticated graphics and interactive features which will transform the experience of ‘reading’. I see new writers capable of design and digital creativity as well as pure content and message. The modern indie publishers are not only technology-savvy but also they know their own work inside out creating a personalised ebook experience!

This is what I am aiming to achieve, technology enabled freedom of expression.” Lavirrealista

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