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Auteur : Ross Richdale
Volume : 232 page(s)
Écrit en : May 2011
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Rubrique : Littérature » Science Fiction  |  Catégorie : Novel
Mots-clés : science fiction, fantasy, future, deep space, far off worlds, Ross Richdale, nuclear holocaust

Kolina's ancestors' computer armlet may save them from a nuclear war.

The armlet sisters, Kolina and Sofia Lagerfelt are given by their dying grandmother is more than a piece of jewellery. It has been handed down through the family for countess generations.

Kolina places the armlet on and is connected to Eboff, a voice in her mind. Eboff is an advanced computer with news that she is the descendant of a starship crew that crashed on the planet a millennium before. Only when other ancestors of this crew are found that technology far superior to that now known on the planet can be accessed to save the world from nuclear annihilation.

Their journey travels through strange fog that they later realise causes jumps in time that is necessary in their search. Natalie an orphan from their past finds them and they travel back to the present to rescue, Alan, a wounded soldier on the front line. Both these two also have armlets but a final armlet one proves more elusive for it has been stolen and used by an enemy spy.

But is it too late? Their world is at war and the nuclear holocaust has already begun.

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Inscrit en : May 2011
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After a teaching career, Ross Richdale now writes full time. He has completed over 36 novels both contemporary and science fiction novels, most of which are on line as ebooks . He lives in the small university city of Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand and is married with three children.

When he is not writing, Ross enjoys drawing and wandering in the countryside..

Many of his novels reflect his interest in the rural lifestyle as well as the cross section of personalities encountered during his years as a teacher. Ordinary people rather than the super rich, the super powerful or violent, are the main characters in his novels. He is also interested in current events and uses international incidents as a backdrop for many of his novels.

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