Gathering of the Tribe

Gathering of the Tribe

Music and Heavy Conscious Creation

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Kategorie: Esoterik » Sonstige Esoterik  |  Publikationsart: Fallstudie
Stichworte: magic, magick, occult, music, mysticism, beatles, demonology, spiritualism, outsider art, manson, miles davis, jazz, rock music, mick farren,

The occult in music

From Mozart to Miles Davis, it is a matter of record that over many centuries composers and musicians have been consistently inspired by the occult. Few music lovers’ curiosity can fail to have been piqued by the rumours of magick and mysticism that surround many of their favourite records, and Mark Goodall’s Gathering of the Tribe: Music and Heavy Conscious Creation is a title capable of satisfying almost everyone. In chapters that range from ‘Jazz and the Spirit World’ to ‘Rock Music and the Occult’, Goodall sketches a fascinating overview of this intriguing and enduring relationship, offering en route a guide to the ultimate occult record collection, looking into some of the most brilliantly nefarious recordings and compositions of all time, ranging from the Beatles to the Stones, Led Zeppelin to Nick Cave, Captain Beefheart to the Wu Tang Clan, Debussy to Sun Ra, Throbbing Gristle, Charles Manson and many more. With further contributions from – among others – Mick Farren, David Kerekes and Mark Reeve, Gathering of the Tribe is looking like a definitive work on a hypnotising topic.



Mark Goodall Mark Goodall is a lecturer in the Bradford Media School at the University of Bradford. He writes about film and music and is the author of the Headpress book ‘Sweet and Savage: the world through the shockumentary film lens’. He is the singer and guitarist with beat combo Rudolf Rocker.

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Headpress is a UK based book publisher established in 1991, specialising in pop culture.

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