Book Marketing #10: Social News

Social News Sites allow users to rate and/or submit links to web pages, blog posts, articles, and other content and share it with others.

Social news sites are a free and effective way to promote your eBook with little effort - to get backlinks and to drive traffic to your author page at XinXii. If your submission proves popular and receives votes from other users, you can benefit from additional publicity.

The most popular social news sites are Digg, Reddit, Shoutwire, and Stumble Upon. They have the most traffic and are a good place to start.




Stumble Uplon

Each of these sites is a little different, some are more controlled by the users, others are moderated carefully. We recommend to post links occasionally that aren’t relevant to your XinXii eStore. Many users of social news sites spend a lot of time on them and know when a link is spam (self-promotion). Post with varied content, submit your blogposts, useful links on your subject, and you get your works noticed!

Make it easy: Social Marker is an automated tool that allows you to enter the details of the site you are submitting to many social news sites. But you will need to have set up accounts at each of the individual social news sites first though.

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What did we miss? Add more sites and your experiences in the comments.