Book Marketing #8: Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking is a good way to get your eBooks known to a larger audience: Social bookmark sites allow you to save and share your favorite websites - such as your single product pages on XinXii or your XinXii author page. The social bookmarking site will create a page for each of your bookmarks, which is visible to other users and to search engines.

Book Marketing with Social Bookmarking

You start by joining the social bookmarking sites and submitting your product page or your XinXii author page. Enter a short description of your eBook, as well as a list of keywords ("what words people might type in to find your bookmarks?"). An important point is that you should make constant use of your social bookmarking memberships: Bookmark your XinXii author page, your blog, articles on your subject, articles you write for the web etc. Bookmark as much as you can to create a huge web of connections which all lead back to you.

You'll find a permanent link to your title on your product page (see column left), and in your "My XinXii > Marketing"-area, you'll find a link to your XinXii author page.

Social Bookmarking Services

There are hundreds of social bookmarking services on the Web, but there are only a few worth participating in, because of their size and popularity:

- blinklist
- diigo
- folkd
- Mister Wong
- Stumpedia

Additional resources

- High PR dofollow social bookmarking sites list

Do you have experience with social bookmarking sites? Or do you know other social bookmarking sites or useful articles? If so we would love to hear about it.