Book Marketing Tips by Experts

From practice for practice: Selected (online) marketing and (online) PR experts and consultants publish know-how, do-how and tips on XinXii, which can be applied on the book marketing. Ultimately it's about:

  How can I increase my eBook sales?
  How can I increase my audience / fan-base?
  Who can support my book marketing strategies?

In this section, indie authors will find inspiration and information - as well as the corresponding contact person who support by request.

The XinXii Guest Experts

Sue Collier | XinXii

Collier, Sue

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Joel Friedlander | XinXii

Friedlander, Joel
Book Design

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Shelley Hitz | XinXii

Hitz, Shelley

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Guy Kawasaki | XinXii

Kawasaki, Guy
Social Media

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Joanna Penn | XinXii

Penn, Joanna
Book Marketing

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Dayna Steele | XinXii

Steele, Dayna
Media & Marketing Strategies

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