Book Marketing #9: Social Networks

Web based social networks have become a part of our daily lives. According to the Nielsen Company, on average, global web users spent nearly five and a half hours per month on social networks (February 2010 data). In the U.S., the average active unique audience grew to 149 million from 115 million in February 2009, whereas Facebook is the number-one social network destination worldwide, where 500 million people with similar interests meet, develop relationships, communicate, and share. For authors, social networks can be a powerful marketing tool to promote their eBook and to find potential readers, and it’s a lot of fun.

So if you haven’t already, give it a try: Start promoting your eBook through social networks! The major active social networking websites are Facebook, LinkedIn and (in the German speaking areas) XING:

Facebook Fan Page a great social networking site to promote your eBook and to build a community! Plus, Facebook Pages get ranked in search engine results, making it an ideal tool to add to your book marketing strategy.

About you
By default, every Facebook Page has a Wall and an Info tab. The Info tab is where your biographical information goes; an important section to getting to know you. Talk about you, your interest, your eBook, and don't forget to include a link to your XinXii author page (cf. "My XinXii > Marketing: Links and Badges"). Any added personalization will strengthen the relationship with your friends, fans and potential readers.

Your wall
Keep your eBook in the public eye by using your wall on Facebook: What is the subject of your eBook? What did inspire you? What are you writing about at the moment? Interact with your fans and friend: communicate, react, ask questions, call to action! Engage your audience with great content such as eBook excerpts, reviews, interesting articles, interviews, trailer, eBook cover, promotions... and more for a personal feel. Let your readers feel to be connected with you. Tip: Facebook makes it simple to never forget a birthday (cf. Facebook Settings > Notifications)!

Facebook Events
... is a default application that all users have. Facebook empowers you to easily organize and publicize any event and invite your friends and fans: eBook launches, author readings, eBook promotions, book signings, poetry performances, academic panels... Facebook provides information about How to create and manage events, and Mari Smith has published 10 Tips for Creating Buzz With Facebook Events. Don't forget to add pictures from events!

A Facebook Page for your eBook
Did you know you can create a Facebook Page for you and your eBook? Create an additional accout to support your brand. Get inspired by Caster Chronicles for example. By the way: Novelists can even create a Page in the name of a character in their novel!

Facebook Marketing: Get more Fans
Get more fans by putting Facebook badges, "Become a Fan"-buttons and widgets on your personal website or blog. There you should also make use of Facebook tools like Share buttons: Keep your audience engaged! Furthermore, don't forget to put a link to your Facebook Fanpage in your author profile on XinXii to let your community grow!

- 5 Simple Quick Tips for Effective Facebook Layouts by Shelley Hitz
- Facebook For Dummies
- Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base
- How to Use Facebook to Conduct Book Marketing Campaigns by Phyllis Zimbler Miller
- Top 10 Mistakes Authors Make When Promoting a Book on Facebook by Dana Lynn Smith

We welcome your additions such as comments, links to great Fan Pages or experiences - so please don't be shy. Here are some recommendable Fan Pages - enjoy and let them inspire you:

Farrell, Caroline
Caroline has had several short stories published and has written many screenplays, some of them highly placed in international competitions. Have a look at her Facebook Fanpage and her collection of seven short stories Time Standing Still on XinXii.

Grenar, Gianfranco
Gianfranco Grenar is an Italian storyteller. He creates stories using every tool, shape and media he can. Novels, short movies, music videos, book trailers, lyrics... Have a look at the Facebook Fanpage of his novel "Signori Briganti", which is available as eBook at XinXii.

Hummelshoj Jakobsen, Dorte
Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen is a female teacher from Denmark, teaching English at upper secondary level. In her spare time she reads and writes crime fiction in English and Danish, and in 2010 she sold her first flash stories to American magazines and publishers. Check out her eBooks at

Vandiver, Lisa
Lisa Vandiver has always loved reading all kinds of novels, short stories, and book of poems. She got her love of books from her mother who was always reading when she was a child. Have a look at her Facebook Fanpage and her novels at XinXii.

Last but not least: Like us on Facebook - become a Fan, get our latest news, interact with other authors and users, promote your eBook, exchange experiences!


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LinkedIn / XING

Beside Facebook and Twitter, the business networking sites LinkedIn and XING are the big social media sites. They are powerful tools for making connections with your targeted audiences and to increase your visibilty on the web: LinkedIn and XING profiles appear on outside search results, such as on Google. Start using the power of LinkedIn and XING for your book marketing!

Your profile
Ensure that your profile is as detailed as possible: Enter your full name, upload a high-quality author photo and use strong keywords in the "headline" to make yourself and your eBook attractive to your target markets (potential readers, other authors, experts...). In the "websites" section you can enter links to your XinXii eStore (cf. "My XinXii > Marketing"), to your blog or Facebook Fan Page. If you are a nonfiction author, you should give information about your current and past job; that might create credibility about your eBook's topic. Job information can help trusting in your writing ability.

Informing contacts
Inform your contacts about your eBook release on XinXii via direct message or status information.

We recommend to join groups that focus on topics related to your (nonfiction or fiction) eBook, self-publishing, book marketing and online marketing. Try to find relevant groups by searching for specific topics, and become a member. Introduce yourself and interact with other members by asking/answering questions or adding interesting links for example.

- 6 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Businesses by Naomi Trower
- Book Marketing with LinkedIn – Top Mistakes and Solutions by Judy Cullins
- Use the "Reading List by Amazon" on LinkedIn to display your own (!) eBooks:
  How to Feature Your Book on Your LinkedIn Profile

Useful Articles on Facebook Marketing / Social Media Marketing

- Facebook Publishes Guide to Social Marketing Best Practices by John Paul Titlow
- Which Social Sites Are Best for Which Marketing Outcomes? [INFOGRAPHIC] by Jolie O'Dell

Let us know your experiences with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and XING!