Book Marketing #7: Press Releases

The press release is a great way to support your book marketing activities: Let the world know about your work!

Press Releases Are Important in Your Marketing Strategy

Publishing press releases through distribution websites is very important, as it will be picked up by a variety of search engines as well as viewed by a relevant audience at any given time. So, in addition to reaching the press and announcing news, priorities include: increasing web visibility and credibility for your eBook, reaching readers, and top listings in the search engines / improved search results for particular keywords.

Writing Press Releases the Right Way

An optimized press release starts with a catchy title that is appealing to a reader: Make your content immediately engaging with a strong, benefit-laden headline, subhead and a summary that covers some of the main points that you will find in your press release. The body is where you put all the details, the message that you are trying to present. The rule is: WIIFM - "What's In It For Me?" Answer these questions for the reader and you will meet the reader's needs for information. Keep the content clean and clear – use shorter sentences, well structured paragraphs and don't use formatting. Remember to write a news item, not a sales letter! But your press release must include pricing and availability information. On goal when submitting your press release, is to get visitors to your XinXii eStore, so don’t forget to place your personal eStore link somewhere in the press release (cf. My XinXii > Marketing: Links and Badges). Let the reader know the URL, where your eBook may be purchased! The final paragraph provides some information about you and your contact details (name, phone, email, even an address can be added). Never go over two pages!

We recommend to use your book cover as a visual aid: Uploading an image alongside your release can illustrate the main point of your press release. Pay attention to a strategic keyword placement within the document, including the title, the first paragraph and within the body.

If possible, get your press release written by a professional press release writer. He knows the requirement and as a result, he can work on various angles and get the perfect draft for publication.

Distribution of Your Press Release

Next you need to distribute your press release. This can be done over a number of different channels:

Magazines and Newspapers
Building a target distribution list can be time-consuming. But it's worth it! Your list should consits of the names and the email-addresses of the editors who are interested in your subject: Always send the press release with the editor's name and professional title, rather than addressing it to an unnamed person. The more you target the right editor or section, the better. Magazines and newspapers list contacts on their website.

A List of Press Release Sites
To aid in your press release distribution, we have created a list of free online distribution services:

- 1888 Press Release
- 24-7 Press Release
- BusinessWire
- Free-Press-Release
- i-newswire
- openPR
- PRWeb
- PR log

If you upload a press release to one of these (or other) services, you should add a link to the published release on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog. Cross-pollination of your social media activities can help to increase your visits and sales.

Additional resources

- 7 Rules for Perfect Press Releases by April Dunford
- Great Free Keyword Tools For Your Press Releases by Joseph Miller
- The New Rules of PR [PDF]

There are probably a few other free press release services or useful articles, so if there are any sites that you feel that you must insist in suggesting, comment using the form below!