Factsheet: XinXii Quick Facts

Headquarters XinXii is a service of
GD Publishing Ltd. & Co. KG
Auguststrasse 75
D - 10117 Berlin
Launch 2008
2010: English Version
Founder & CEO Dr. Andrea Schober  Dr. Andrea Schober on XING   Andrea Schober on LinkedIn
Digital Content Aggregator
XinXii is a digital self-publishing and distribution platform for independent authors.  

All in One - One XinXii account covers major eBook retailers
With XinXii authors can self-publish their books and sell them on their XinXii author page. XinXii additionally offers to distribute eBooks to international retailers. XinXii is an easy, fast and free solution to publish and sell eBooks around the world.
Written content in digital text format
Self-written works of all kinds and lengths: documents, short texts and books (as eBook or audiobook) such as biographies, comics, exposés, fiction, forms, guidebooks, instruction plans, literature, manuals, presentations, recipes, samples, seminar papers, studies, textbooks, theses etc. Readers have access to a pool of interesting, useful, practical and entertaining content.
Target Group
Independent authors ("indie authors"), publishers, self-publishing authors and their readers.
English (UK), English (US), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
XinXii enables a multi-format-upload of 16 file types, including doc (MS Office Word), epub (E-Book Reader), mobi (Mobipocket / Kindle), mp3 (Audiobook), odt (Open Document Text), pdf (Adobe PDF), ppt (MS Office Powerpoint), rft (Rich Text Format), txt (Plain Text), xls (MS Office Excel).

Free conversion of eBooks to the ePub and mobi format - no matter what file type was uploaded initially (doc, odt, pdf or rtf).
- XinXii eBook shop
- Major international eBook retailers (e.g. Amazon, 32 Apple iBookstores, Casa del Libro, Kobo)
Payment Options
- ClickandBuy
- Credit Card
- PayPal
All information is encrypted with 256 bit Secure Sockets Layers infrastructure.
Authors keep copyright and control. 
Key Facts

  Europe's leading digital self-publishing and distribution platform
  Easy, fast and free solution to self-publish eBooks
  Free distribution to major eBook retailers around the world

Plus Points for authors
In addition to the innovative concept and the ease of use, the main advantages of XinXii are:

  100% real-time
On XinXii, any author can start publishing and selling within minutes: Instantly after the upload, the work is listed on XinXii and available for customers. At the same time, the author can manage all projects in real-time: She/he can edit, update or delete the entry at any moment - and the changes are effective instantly. The sales statistics are provided in real-time as well.

  No restrictions on file type, formatting or price
On XinXii authors decide on the file type(s), layout and format of the eBook and they fix the price - without any regulatory specifications on the file size and without a maximum price limit.

  100% free of costs
XinXii empowers authors to upload and sell any kind of written content - without paying costs like "delivery costs". We do not reduce royalties by fees such as "payment processing fees".

  Comfortable shop system
On XinXii, authors have their own author page and eStore while keeping full control and with 24/7 insight in consolidated sales reports. XinXii handles the complete order and payment processing behind the scenes: XinXii takes care of all billing and administration requirements.

  XinXii is a global platform
- XinXii is available in 8 languages
- Readers can pay in 3 currencies
- Author can manage their XinXii account in 3 currencies (Euro, GBP, USD) and decide, in which currency they want to be paid by us
- There are no territory-based royalties on XinXii

 High level of efficiency
With one single account on XinXii authors can...

- upload and sell their eBook in multiple formats at the same time
- upload and sell audio books
- publish and sell their eBook in different languages
- publish and sell under multiple pen names or for different authors
- manage different international sales channels.

  Free high-quality eBook conversion
Upon request XinXii converts eBooks to the ePub and mobi format free of charge. We convert all type of file formats (Word, PDF, OpenOffice, rtf), so the author is not obliged to upload a special format.

  Free distribution to major eBook retailers and the opportunity to select them individually
Authors select all the places they want to sell their eBook. XinXii provides consolidated sales reports and handles the complete distribution, order and payment processing behind the scenes.

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