Improved Display of Search Results

Berlin, August 12, 2011 -- We have updated XinXii today by releasing our new refined search, making it easier than ever before to find the eBook that you're looking for: It allows you to tailor your search results based on format, category and/or language:

Another highlight: The live display of the number of search results.

The XinXii search is cross-lingual, that means that the results on all 7 language versions of XinXii are included in the search results.

About XinXii

XinXii is Europe's leading eStore for eBooks from independent authors and publishers. In contrast to conventional eBook shops, XinXii offers a point of contact for anyone looking to sell their digital works themselves on the Internet and readers who are looking for non-mainstream titles: for example, works of fiction by talented authors, guidebooks from experts, Excel tables from professionals, instructions for use from users, business plans or seminar documents. At, approximately 7,000 indie authors offer more than 13,000 titles; every day, numerous new uploads are added to this figure.

XinXii was established in 2008 by Dr Andrea Schober and is already the market leader in Europe. The digital self-publishing platform can be used in 7 languages and 3 currencies. The company is based in Berlin.

Press Contact

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