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XinXii Launches New Features and Services for Aspiring Self-Publishers

New features and services provide added value for eBook publishing.
XinXii further consolidates its position as a top choice for indie authors and self-publishers worldwide.

Berlin, 21 January 2014 -- XinXii, the leading digital self-publishing and distribution platform in Europe, has expanded its features and services in order to provide self-publishers with more efficient and effective ways to publish their eBooks. Significant advantages for indie-authors, self-publishers and publishing houses such as free of charge ISBN, the optimized supply of marketing-relevant figures and additional sources of information bring new arguments in favour of using the XinXii platform.

The new XinXii features in detail:

ISBN for free
An ISBN is included in the package "XinXii Power". The package contains, besides the ISBN, the professional (not automated) conversion of the uploaded texts to the eBook formats ePub and mobi as well as the delivery of the validated eBooks to the chosen eBook shops by the user. As of now, the package is free of charge for fiction eBooks and for all other eBooks it is available for 12.99 US$ / 8.99 GBP (one-time payment, incl. VAT). You can access the XinXii Power Package here:

Daily sales figures for Amazon
Users who distribute to leading national and international eBook shops through XinXii can access the information about generated sales in their XinXii account. The sales figures are not shown only per eBook shop but also per country version of the respective shops (where available). Thus the users receive information not only for their top sales channels but also for the top markets for their eBook.

The sales figures generated on the XinXii platform itself are shown in real time, the ones for the other eBook shops chosen for distribution by the user, are updated on a monthly basis. As of now, in addition to the generated sales on iBookstore, the figures for Amazon would be updated daily. Thus the users have the opportunity to establish accurate statistics in order to find out whether a post in the social media had the desired outcome or the promotional campaign in the last few days increased sales figures. The optimized supply of market-relevant figures brings more transparency and fun to eBook publishing.

XinXii Community
The XinXii Community is the new meeting point for XinXii users and those interested in XinXii. It gathers questions about eBook creation, distribution and marketing, facilitates discussion as well as public answers to detailed question of users. The forum is available here:

XinXii Style Guide
A professionally prepared text guarantees a professional eBook. XinXii's team member Katja Nauck has compiled the knowledge and experience of the XinXii distribution team and published a guide. The German version of "XinXii Style Guide: Optimal Formatting of Ebooks" is available for free on XinXii. The eBook will shortly be available in English, Portuguese and Russian, too:

About XinXii

XinXii is a pioneer in digital self-publishing and a leading international platform for publishing and distribution of eBooks of indie authors and independent publishers. At users can upload their books in various formats and sell them through their own author page. The XinXii eBook shop offers about 25,000 titles by more than 15,000 authors and is growing on a daily basis.

As an eBook aggregator XinXii distributes additionally to leading eBook shops worldwide: the authors can choose to offer their eBooks on the pages of our distribution partners – these are leading international eBook shops, which can be chosen individually. As an aggregator, besides the eBook distribution, XinXii takes over the professional conversion of various file formats to ePub – both services are offered by XinXii free of charge.

With the All in One concept - one XinXii account for all leading eBook shops - self-publishing is not only simple and convenient but also effective and efficient.

The digital self-publishing and distribution platform is used in 8 languages and 3 currencies, the seat of the company is in Berlin, Germany.

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