Marketing du livre : Codes promotionnels

by Joanna Penn
September 19, 2011

As authors and writers we focus on text based marketing because that’s what we are good at and comfortable with. However, all other authors focus on the same thing and if you want to stand out from the crowd in marketing your book, then you might consider multi-media options.

Here are some 7 ways you can stand out with multi-media:

  1. Audio: Record a chapter of your book as a downloadable audio. - Some authors create full production audio versions of their books for free, such as podcast novelists Scott Sigler, Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine. While this can create fans over time, it is a lot of work but you can start by recording a chapter with basic equipment and in very little time. Literary fiction author Roz Morris recently did this with My Memories of a Future Life. Get a microphone and use free recording and editing software Audacity to create an audio file. Embed it on your blog for people to download, or add to a podcast.

  2. Audio: Record an interview of you discussing your book. - You could also record an interview about your book. This could be an interview with media, another blogger/writer or just a supportive friend. You can use Skype for free calls and the brilliant Pamela or Ecamm for recording through Skype. People love to hear information from writers and many people look for audios to consume while they exercise or do household chores that mean they are not at the computer. (If you like audio, there are over 100 free interviews on writing, publishing and book marketing here.)

  3. Touch: Create a branded product that relates to your book for giveaway or to sell. You will have your physical print book but this gives fans a chance to participate and also creates its own buzz. Author and podcaster Mur Lafferty did this with bar glasses from Keepsie’s Bar for her novel ‘Playing for Keeps’, and JC Hutchins released Beta Clone T-shirts for 7th Son trilogy. Non-fiction author Jonathan Fields has several physical bonuses as part of his launch of Uncertainty including limited edition prints.

  4. Video: Record a video interview of you discussing your book. - Video technology is getting easier all the time. You can use a cheap Flipcam/iPodNano or use your mobile phone to get straight onto YouTube now. You can also record directly onto YouTube with your computer webcam. People love the authenticity of hearing an author speak directly so just make some video and get it out there. Here’s an example where I talk about how I am writing scenes now.

  5. Video: Make your own book trailer. - Book trailers are not for everyone but if you have some budget, you can make your own professional one that will sell your book to the more visually minded. You can read the steps of how to make your own book trailer here.

  6. Blog Tours. - Instead of submitting just text for your blog tours, create specific videos or audios for the blogs you are visiting as per the above ideas. You could also include a text transcript or highlights which will help for Search Engine Optimisation. For my book launch of Pentecost, I did 32 guest posts which included multi-media interviews and extras so it appealed to all different modes of consumption and learning.

  7. Interactive Multimedia. - Create an iPhone app with multi-media. Author Philip Pullman just published the controversial novel ‘The Good Man Jesus and Scoundrel Christ’. While the title alone will get him plenty of marketing opportunities, his publisher also released an iphone app which combined the ebook, audio book and video of the author speaking all in one easy to purchase iPhone app. iPhone apps are now within the reach of self published authors too so do not have to be prohibitively expensive.

Those are just some ideas for multi-media marketing with free or cheap tools online. The limit is no longer the technology, only your imagination!


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