Book Marketing #6: Pinterest

A brilliant and at the same time nice platform, which was chosen among the TIMES’ 50 best websites for 2011, now develops fast:

Pinterest is a social network in which the user can post pictures with description on a virtual pinboard. The aim is to exchange information about hobbies and interests: when you like a certain picture, you can post it on your own pinboard (‘repin’). And this is the way how photos of tasty dishes would be pinned on the recipe together with a link, trendy clothes would be posted together with the buying source, decor tips or great ideas for planning your wedding would be also shared. Or you can just look at the pnboards of others and get inspired…

We have nice book covers, good eBooks and interesting indie authors,which we discover every day, and we would like to share them with you with great pleasure. The platform is famous in the USA for a long time now, it is quite new in Germany. In this respect, we have started our Pinterest page in German and in English. And this is how our page looks like:

In order to sign up for Pinterest, you (still) need an invitation. When you request access by yourself, you should wait on a waiting list. When you have already received an invitation from a registered user, then you can start using the service immediately. When you want to receive an invitation from us, just like XinXii on Facebook and inform us by posting a request in the comments. It is worth it, Pinterest is fun: You can create as many pinboards as you want, order them by preference and arrange them by topic-in this way you can retain the overview for yourself as well as discover the ones of the other users by using the search function.

There are many popular services that you can find online. The fact that photo based services like Instagram would enjoy more popularity made us curious. Foodspotting, for example, is a location based App where you can make and upload photos of food in restaurants - and thus recommend a certain dish and the “corresponding” restaurant. We would like to test the concept of “photo-sharing” for books.

Pinterest for book marketing?

When we dicover a great book cover on XinXii, then we pin it immediately on Book Cover – for inspiration of indie authors. { When you like a cover online, which does not belong to an eBook on XinXii, we would not ignore it }.

Indie Authors, who use XinXii for distribution of their eBooks, can be found on Self-Publishing, Bookmarketing pinboard. The name program is on the pinboard XinXii Bestsellers. On other pinboards such as Kids eBooks, we pin recommended eBooks and make an attempt to address potential readers. But of course, only when the author has uploaded a book cover on XinXii! Pinterest makes it clear that an attractive cover does not harm. And on Nothing but about writing, we gather inspiration and motivation for authors.

Last but not least, Pinterest offers the possibility to express visually the philosophy of XinXii – namely, to support the indie authors when writing, publishing and marketing their books. When you have nice photos or wishes for pinboards, let us know!

Authors should jump off and create a pinboard for their book – and share some photos: book cover, their own photos, a reading, the author’s page on XinXii…

And now we wish you “Happy Pinning” and

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