History Lesson

History Lesson

A Shattered Empire novella

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Autor: Cora Buhlert
Verlag: GD Publishing
Umfang: 40 Seite(n)
Sprache: English
Verfasst: Juli 2014
Verkaufsrang: - XinXii Verkaufsrang
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Kategorie: Belletristik » Science Fiction  |  Publikationsart: Erzählung
Stichworte: space opera, science fiction, galactic empire, rebellion, mercenary, SF, worldbuilding, history, revolution, freedom fighter, galactic rebellion, Shattered Empire, short fiction,

On the rebel base Pyrs, Holly and Ethan spend the night talking about history...

The nights are long on the rebel world of Pyrs, most of the man and women hiding out there have demons that haunt them and everybody deals with those demons in their very own way.
For Holly di Marco and Ethan Summerton, two of the more than two thousand rebel fighters on Pyrs, the best way of staving of the nightmares is arguing about politics, eating sweets and getting drunk, very drunk.
But one long night of arguing about politics reveals some unexpected truths about the history of the Fifth Human Empire… and also about Holly and Ethan.

This is a novelette of 13000 words or approximately 40 print pages in the Shattered Empire universe. "History Lesson" is closer to an extended cut scene than to a standard story and features lots of characterisation and worldbuilding, but the action is all in the dialogue.

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Über den Autor

Cora Buhlert | Autor auf XinXii.com

registriert seit: Juli 2011
Veröffentlichungen auf XinXii:  128
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Cora Buhlert was born and bred in Bremen, North Germany, where she still lives today – after time spent in London, Singapore, Rotterdam and Mississippi. Cora holds an MA degree in English from the University of Bremen and is currently working towards her PhD.
Cora has been writing, since she was a teenager, and has published stories, articles and poetry in various international magazines. She is the author of the Silencer series of pulp style thrillers, the Shattered Empire space opera series, the In Love and War science fiction romance series, the Helen Shepherd Mysteries and plenty of standalone stories in multiple genres. When Cora is not writing, she works as a translator and teacher.
Visit her on the web at www.corabuhlert.com or follow her on Twitter under @CoraBuhlert.

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