Immigration South Africa

Immigration South Africa

A practical giude for Investors and Immigrants

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Hands-on do-it yourself Giude for persons interested in SA

The European flair, combined with the fascination of the African continent, brings millions of visitors to South Africa every year. But soon after leaving, many visitors feel the urge to come back to South Africa and immigrate. Such as step leads to many questions that need to be answered before the "grand voyage" starts.

The economy in South Africa is booming and the country is the engine of the African continent. Property prices have grown over 30% year on year and a house or a farm is still affordable in international terms.

Tony Hug is a successful enterpreneur and emigrated to South Africa 16 years ago. His guide is the only publication that gives you the practical giudance of how to successfully settle in South Africa. The book covers the following aspects:

Categories of immigrants
Temporary and permanent residence permits
Forms and application procedure
Exchange control
Investment possibilities
Purchase of property and letting
Money, capital, bond and equity markets
Banking and insurance
Health care
South African Income Tax Law
Investment and taxation of non-residents
Founding of companies
Employment and remuneration
Estate planning
Investment and tax planning
Frequently asked questions.

The book is an essential tool for all persons interested in investing or immigrating to South Africa.

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Tony Hug is a successful enterpreneur and emigrated to South Africa 18 years ago. All his experience and knowledge is summarized in the giude.
His company, Swiss Financial Consulting, situated at Century City in Cape Town, assists clients with immigration, investment, insurance and tax matters.

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