The Adventures of Razor and Edge

The Adventures of Razor and Edge

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Autore: R.G. Crossley
Volume: 99 p.
Data scritto: gen 2012
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Categoria: Letterature » Gialli  |  Tipo: Story / Narration
Parole chiavi: mystery, private detectives, new york, nero wolfe, murder, kidnapping, crime, sleuths, police, criminals. mobsters, friends, family

The Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin for the 21st century

Five tales of the quirky detective team, Razor and Edge, brought together in one volume for the first time.

Murder comes in many forms, but these two law school drop outs solve the crimes so you don't have to.

Written in the style of the Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin mysteries Razor and Edge are the new detective team for the 21st century.

The five tales represented here are:

Mirror Image
The Parrot of Doom
String of Pearls
The Kidnapping of Billy Buttons
Death by Clown

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Rita lives in Vancouver, B.C. with Russ, her husband who is also a fiction writer.
She loves to read and paint in her spare time. She is learning to enjoy golf, and he is learning to enjoy gardening. They are kept company, and on track, by their two dogs and Glenn, their younger son.

She has written for years and is an alumni of the Oregon Writers Network, and the Greater Vancouver Chapter, Romance Writers of America. She has recently sold two short story’s and a novel to Sapphire Blue Publishing.

Please visit her website at

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